My Calendar for 2017…

Date Place Event My Role
23-25 May Rome, Italy “SPACE FOR LEARNING: Bridging innovation and safety in school buildings”

Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) & OECD Centre for Effective Learning Environments
20-21 April Northampton, UK Higher Education Estates Forum Speaker
16 – 17 March Moscow, Russia “Creation and Development of Educational Institutions in the 21-st Century”, International Workshop, The World Bank Speaker
3 March Milan, Italy “Back to School”, Seminar Politecnico di Milano / OECD Seminar Speaker
30-31 Jan London, UK Roadmap for Safer Schools, World Bank seminar

My calendar for 2016….

Date Place Event My Role
23 November London, UK ECN Education conference Speaker
22 November Dubai Future Education Spaces, MENA


6-11 November Auckland, New Zealand OECD CELE Group of National Experts meeting Speaker
5 October Copenhagen, Denmark Future School and Learning Speaker
27-28 September Rome, Italy

SPACE FOR LEARNING: Bridging innovation and safety in school buildings

Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) & OECD Centre for Effective Learning Environments
30 June London, UK International Education Design

ECN Breakfast Event

22 June Oxford, UK Future of Schooling Symposium

Department of Education, University of Oxford

11 – 13 April Billund, Denmark LEGO Idea Conference Speaker
10-11 March Almaty, Kazakhstan Learning Environment as a Third Teacher“, World Bank / OECD Seminar Speaker / Organiser
12 Feb Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan Tokyo Institute of Technology Symposium Speaker

My calendar for 2015….

Date Place Event My Role
 25-27 Nov Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico 12th International Congress of Physical Educational Infrastructure. INIFED, Mexico Speaker
28 Sept to 1 Oct Antigua, Guatemala Inter-American Development Bank regional workshop: Learning in 21st Century Schools. Speaker
 9 ‑ 11 Sept Athens Form Follows Learning Speaker
25 Jun London ECN Network: Speaker & pannelist
22-23 Jun Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan World Bank/Ministry of Education, Kyrgyz Republic: Education Innovations for 21st Century Skills Speaker & pannelist
11 Jun London UK Learning Forum: Future Learning Spaces Speaker
 4 ‑ 6 Jun Birmingham Academy of Urbanism X Congress: Happiness, Health & Wellbeing: A People Centred Urbanism Participant
25 Mar Dubai Building Future Learning Spaces Speaker & pannelist
5 Jan Paris Start OECD Centre for Effective Learning Environments Managing

Reflections from Finland -07

My calendar for 2014…

 Date Place Event My Role
 26 Nov 2014 London Education Construction Network Conference Speaking
 6 to 7 Nov Genoa OECD Group of National Experts in Effective Learning Environments Expert participant and workshop chair
 5 Nov Genoa School of the Future: ABCD Genoa Education Fair
National Convention of Directors and Officials
Moderating Round Table: Innovative Learning Environments
 29 Oct Barcelona World Sustainable Buildings Conference 2014: Panel Speaker
 21 Oct Northampton UK Learning annual conference Participant
 17 to 18 Sept Moscow World Bank Meetings
 15 Sept Yakutsk Education Institute, North Eastern Federal University: Seminar for trainee teachers Presentation: “Developments in the design of learning environments
 13 to 16 Sept Yakutsk World Bank seminar: Educational space design of kindergartens Speaker
 3 Sept London Architecture for Humanity Red Puna project, Argentina. Project review before presentation in Argentina Mentor
 10 Sept London/Moscow Republic of Sakha, Russian Federation: Evaluation of the Innovative Designs of Preschool Education Organizations for the Far North and Far East Jury panel member
 7 to 9 July Salford HEAD project Sounding Board meeting Panel member: Holistic Evidence and Design
 1 July London Learning Environments Conference Participant
 9 June London Acoustic Design Awards judging Jury Panel Member
 22 to 24 May Bristol Academy of Urbanism Congress Participant
 9 Apr Madrid Primer Foro Internacional COAM – RIBA Speaker
 7 Mar Dublin Conference: Designing Primary Schools for 21st Century Learners Speaker
 5 to 6 Mar Dublin Ideas competition: Designing Primary Schools for 21st Century Learners Chairman of judging panel
 27 Feb Copenhagen University Design Workshop Speaker
 23 to 24 Jan Espoo Finnish Board of Education conference: Architecture, Pedagogy and Design Keynote speaker
 21 Jan Helsinki International Research Seminar on the Future of Learning Environments Keynote speaker

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